About Us

The agency was originally organized in 1946 as the Clark County Council of Community Agencies, with seven founding member organizations.  The Council expanded and reorganized in May 1951, as the Vancouver Council of Social Agencies. 

Official incorporation of the agency is recorded on February 8, 1957.  During this year, the Clark County United Fund (which was co-located and to some degree operated under the umbrella of the Council) allocated funds for an executive who served the Council and helped to coordinate the United Fund fundraising campaign and social planning in Clark County.

A Committee on Aging was established under the Council in 1959.  In 1966, the name of the organization was changed to the Health and Welfare Planning Council (HWPC), following a trend for the establishment of health and welfare planning councils nationwide and the need for such an activity confirmed by a local study.  Over the years the agency has housed a number of different programs supporting seniors, people with disabilities, youth and other at-risk populations in SW Washington.

In 1990, the agency selected and implemented a change in its name and logo to "update" the image of the agency.  "Human Services" implied helpfulness, being people oriented and specific to the agency's tasks.  "Council" suggested stability, credibility, and the representational nature of the Board and Advisory Councils.  The tree logo represented a single agency rooted in the community and offering many programs and services through its branches. 

Today the Human Services Council continues to serve individuals in SW Washington. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve people's lives by connecting them to opportunities, information and services that respond to their individual and family needs.


The Human Services Council is a non-profit corporation established in 1957. Throughout its existence, the agency has worked to coordinate the effective delivery of community services including transportation services and volunteer resources in Southwest Washington.

Our Mission is to connect the wisdom, experience, and talents of volunteers with opportunities to enrich the quality of life for themselves and their communities.