Volunteer Connections

Volunteer Connections is a "connector agency".  We connect people with the projects that need to get done!  We work with potential volunteers ages 14 and up.  We have over 100 nonprofits that use us to help recruit volunteers to accomplish their many missions.  There are two divisions of Volunteer Connections, the Volunteer Center and RSVP- the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.  RSVP is a federally funded program placing seniors 55 and over in areas of critical community need.  The Volunteer Center offers a wide range of opportunities both short and long term.  Tell us your passion, let us help connect you to those who need your time and talents most!. Register to volunteer or contact Volunteer Connections for more information at 360-735-3683.

Our volunteers report the time they spend volunteering, to show the impact of volunteers on our community. Click here for a form to report your hours or use the online portal.

Human Services Council Volunteer Center History

The Volunteer Center (originally called Volunteer Bureau) began at the agency in the early 1970s and was accredited by the National Volunteer Center. Early funding came from United Way; United Way of the Columbia Willamette has continued to be a funder over the last two decades. The Center led community efforts in mentoring (initiating the Mentoring Roundtable) and partner with Clark County and local schools to build service learning opportunities, including Summer of Service projects in the 1990s.

Grants and awards for our programs have also come through our membership in the Points of Light Foundation, Hands on Network, and the Volunteer Centers of Washington.  We also receive funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service through RSVP, the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.



Washington Serves Plan

A Campaign to Increase Volunteerism in Washington

Did you know: If we increase the rate of volunteerism in our state by just .5% that means another $20 million worth of volunteer time? It also gives WA a chance to move into the Top 10 states in for volunteerism.

Why rev up our efforts to recruit volunteers?   Volunteers are the one resource that we can grow and sustain to counter the impacts of unemployment, housing insecurity, food, and financial insecurity, stalled hopes, and cutbacks in nonprofit and government programs. People in our state need our help now. There is something everyone can do.

The Washington Serves vision is to create an effective volunteer ecosystem that enables volunteers to address the needs of communities throughout the state of Washington. Read the entire plan here.

The plan highlights challenges, promotes best practices, and presents a comprehensive plan of action towards a healthier, more sustainable volunteer infrastructure. The plan’s success will depend on aligning the actions of nonprofits, government, faith-based, and tribal organizations, and our business partners. Together we can use volunteerism as a means to strengthen communities in our state.

It is our goal to present a compelling vision for volunteerism in Washington, provide a framework for addressing volunteer issues, identify strategies for investment in volunteer infrastructure, and outline specific actions to the strengthen volunteer infrastructure.

 Can we do it?  You bet!  Washington residents care.

There is a strong tradition of volunteerism in Washington State, which ranks 11th in volunteer rates in the nation. Washington has also seen huge success with national service programs like AmeriCorps. Unfortunately like other states, recently Washington's volunteer rate fell back just as needs in nonprofits and communities were rising.  This is in part because nonprofits do not have the funding they need to support volunteer programs.  Washington Serves seeks to address these issues by identifying potential causes of under-funding, dispelling harmful myths about volunteerism, and making a strong case for the many benefits of cultivating a healthy volunteer ecosystem.

There is much to do and many hands willing to help. Join our campaign. Be a champion of volunteerism, become a volunteer!

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