Members of the Human Services Council Board of Directors are responsible for programmatic and financial direction of the agency. Board members are responsible to support the mission, vision and purpose of the agency and to serve as organizational ambassadors and advocates. Additionally, the Board is responsible to select and work collaboratively with the Executive Director, maintain oversight and integrity of agency finances, budget and policy.

Our Board of Directors


Linda O'Leary

Vice President

Harry Kiick


Peggy Sheehan

Board Member

Ed Rankin

Board Member

Jim Moeller

Board Member

Mike Fischer

Board Member

Lisa Rasmussen

Board Member

Kris Olmstead

Board Member

Tangee Summerhill-Bishop

Board Member

Mojgan Kasraei

Human Services Council Staff Email List


Executive Director


Finance Manager


Volunteer Connections Program Coordinator


Transportation Services Manager


Human Resources/Administration

Our Mission is to improve people's lives by connecting them to opportunities, information and services that respond to their individual and family needs.