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How you can help.

Human Services Council is dedicated to improving people’s lives in Southwest Washington.

Why should you give?

Because you can make a difference! Your gift can provide transportation to cancer treatments, dialysis and other vital medical appointments for members of your community who would otherwise be struggling to get to their appointments. Your gift can help secure transportation, safety equipment and training for job seekers through Employment Transportation’s Bike to Work program or promote literacy and volunteerism through our Pen Pal program. There are so many ways your generous gift can help the people of SW Washington today.

  • Volunteer your most valuable gift, your time. Please contact Volunteer Connections 360.735.3683.

We are committed to working in partnership with other organizations, agencies, and businesses in order to improve the quality of life in Southwest Washington. 

Friends of the Human Services Council

  • Woodland Wheelchair Services
  • Duncan Cruickshank
  • Colleen Kuhn
  • Representative Jim Moeller
  • Walter Rickards
  • Mary Lou Ritter
  • Umpqua Bank
  • El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
  • Ralph Meuler
  • Clayton & Judy Peterson
  • SW Washington Elder Abuse Prevention
  • Van Trans
  • Kanaitek
  • Powell Distributing Company
  • Mr. & Mrs. C J Peterson
  • Teresa Rich & Edward Muller
  • Basil & Judith Taylor
  • Pioneer Street Cab
  • Elizabeth Feigelson
  • McKinstry Charitable Foundation

**We are a 501(c)3 non-profit. Please check with your tax advisor for tax deduction opportunities for your donation.

The Human Services Council provides people with access to services, transportation and volunteer opportunities to impact their lives and strengthen our Southwest Washington community.