Short Term Opportunities

Looking for short-term opportunities?  Most of these opportunities are done-in-a-day, require only a few hours of time, or will last only a few days or weeks.  Some of these are on-going, occurring once or a couple of times a year, some will happen just this one time, but all need your help to be successful!  For most events contact or call 360-735-3690. To SIGN UP receive our quarterly E-Newsletter, CLICK HERE.

Holiday and Special Event Opportunities

Salvation Army: 

  • It's bell-ringer recruitment time! Spend an hour or two ringing a bell at the bright-red kettle all over town. Lots of shifts. Lots of locations. Lots of fun!
  • Christmas Distribution is on Dec. 17th thru the 21st, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Volunteers will help clients fill out paperwork for Christmas needs. Snacks and drinks provided. 10-30 volunteers per shift. Great group activity!

Humane Society of Southwest Washington RETAILS Thrift Store Holiday Store: From Nov. 2nd through Dec. 20th help keep shelves and racks stocked with holiday items. Keep store tidy and help customers. Minimum age 12-17 must volunteer with parent.or guardian.

PROJECT YES!: If you knit or crochet and would volunteer to make a hat, mittens, gloves, scarves, shawls or other cold weather items, Volunteer Connections is teaming up with Bleu Door Bakery to donate these items to the homeless on Christmas Day.

For three years the Bleu Door Bakery staff has prepared Christmas Day dinner for people living on the streets and in the homeless camps.  They bring the meals to where these people are living and provide them with a little goodie bag with some other food items, toiletries, and a warm hat or gloves.  Last year 300 people received these items, this year they’d like to serve 600 people!  Volunteer Connections is reaching out to our crafty volunteers to gather as many hats, mittens, scarves etc as we can to help!

Earlier this year one of our long time volunteers donated a large inventory of commercial grade fine yarns used in commercial knitting machines.  We’ve had some other donations of yarns as well, so we do have some yarn to provide, or you may donate your own yarn supplies to the effort.  Patterns for hats and gloves can be found on line or in any knit or crochet magazine or book. 

We will let people know where to drop the completed items and we will insure they are received by Bleu Door in time for their holiday efforts. 

If you’d like to help call us at 360-735-3690.  We must have contact information from you, either a phone number or active email so we can provide information on where to take your completed items or to let you know of other information related to this effort.

If you have yarn, needles, or patterns to donate please call us at 360-735-3693 or email  so we can coordinate receiving your donation.


Our Mission is to connect the wisdom, experience, and talents of volunteers with opportunities to enrich the quality of life for themselves and their communities.