Volunteer Connections is hiring a Program Aide

Jo Jones, the RSVP Program Aide is retiring on October 25 2017.   Jo has been with the Human Services Council Volunteer Connections program for seven years and has decided she wants some time to herself, for Jo this will be her fifth "retirement", but she says she thinks this one will be the real one.   She plans to do some traveling and then settle down to do a little volunteering, "I have my eye on a couple of different opportunities!  That's a perk of this job, you really get to know where the needs are in the community!" she says!

 We will be hiring a new Program Aide to work with both the RSVP program and the Volunteer Center programs including managing the popular Pen Pal program.  We're looking for someone with a strong track record in volunteer program administration with above averge skills in data management/analysis and grant reporting.  Graphic design and social media management skills are highly desireable.  The Program Aide has been the primary interface between volunteers and nonprofits and will continue to assist with that, but more of those duties will come to the Program Manager, Marcia Hale.  

The position will be responsible for operating one of our largest volunteer efforts, "The Pen Pal" program pairing adult volunteers with 5th grade students who exchange monthly letters during the school year.  In addition the Program Aide will continue to interview and refer prospective volunteers to partner nonprofits but will provide more administrative support for the database and various grant reports necessary to manage the department.  We are also working to move more of our recruitment on to digital platforms so skills with social media marketing or website design will be a piece of this position's duties.  

The complete job description can be found on the HSC website:  http://www.hsc-wa.org/careers/volunteer-connections-program-aide

Deadline for applications is September 15 with a projected start date in mid October.    


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