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Without a doubt, our Pen Pal program pairing adult Pen Pals with 5th grade students in area schools is one of our most popular activities.  We are now recruiting for the upcoming school year.  To be a Pen Pal you must be out of high school, able to commit to writing one brief letter per month meeting specified deadlines, and be willing to meet your student Pen Pal for the one and only time at a dessert party in June.  We match you up with a 5th grade student who will also write you one letter per month.  All the letter exchanges are done through our Volunteer Connections office.  Guidance and specifications on the letter writing are provided online.  School coordinators look over the letters between Pen Pals to make sure content is appropriate.  

Above all, please take this on as an activity that simply promotes communication.  The 5th graders may not have the best penmanship, spelling, or grammar.  You may not understand what they are talking about!  But what matters is that you are just there for them in a positive, non-judgemental, caring way.  They may write about their favorite video game or animae charactor...and you may have no clue what's that all about!  That's ok, you write about your favorite hobby, or a trip you took, or about your pets or kids.  In the beginning you may only get a sentence or two, but by the end of the school year you may be surprised at the letters you receive.  At the end of the year the Pen Pals get to meet face to face at a party at the area schools.  Adults bring their Pen Pal a dessert that you can share, you'll spend about an hour getting to talk to one another.  Almost all Pen Pals find they are not "strangers" and they have SO much to talk about!

If you'd like to participate head to the application on the website under the "Volunteer" tab, fill it out and indicate you want to be a pen pal.  Or send us an email at rsvppenpal@gmail.com.  All volunteers are required to pass a background check.   

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