Volunteer Opportunities

We are currently recruiting for over 50 active volunteer opportunities from assisting at animal shelters to helping out at food banks, thrift stores, schools, and other community organizations.  Because opportunities change frequently, the best way to learn about what is available is to contact us for a personal information session so we can learn more about you and what you'd like to do.  At that time, we will present you with the opportunities currently under recruitment. 


The Historic Trust needs docents to lead tours of the historic properties on Officer's Row and at Providence Academy.  There are many requests for tours and not enough volunteers to lead the tours!  If you enjoy meeting people and history you'll love this opportunity!

Confluence takes care of several unique areas including the Land Bridge over Highway 14 connecting Ft. Vancouver with the Waterfront Renaissance Trail.  Volunteers are needed to prepare the Land Bridge for the busy spring/summer season.  There's a big work party planned on April 21 complete with a free barbeque, and then on-going opportunities available to keep things in shape.

Food Banks throughout the area also need people to help in a variety of ways.  Some food banks find it difficult to be open as many days as our needed to fulfill the need.  Volunteers will help keep the doors open for the hungry on a more consistent basis.  Food banks in need of extra help include Fish of Vancouver and Fish of Orchards, The Salvation Army, and North County Food Bank.  

NW Association for Blind Athletes has on-going opportunities for volunteers to help blind athletes with swimming, biking, running and hiking activities.

CHAP is an all-volunteer organization (Concerned Humans Against Poverty) that provides the homeless with a meal by going to where they are, mostly area parks and other known gathering places.  Volunteers with a food handler's permit are especially needed.  This is also a great opportunity for groups and families!

For a sample of opportunities please see our RSVP Opportunities and our Short term/Holiday Opportunities page.  These are just a few of the many ways to serve the community.  Please email: Shannons@hsc-wa.org to talk about our current opportunities, or call us at 360-735-3690.  

There are currently no opportunities available

Our Mission is to connect the wisdom, experience, and talents of volunteers with opportunities to enrich the quality of life for themselves and their communities.