Request for Proposal - New Name, Mission, Tag Line

Request for Proposals (RFP)

Human Services Council

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The Human Services Council provides people with access to services, transportation, and volunteer opportunities to impact their lives and strengthen our Southwest Washington community.

Core Values:

Community at The Human Services Council is a sense of responsibility and contribution to society that collectively defines our work.  We serve our community by continuously seeking to understand and meet the changing needs of the community both externally and internally.  We demonstrate this in everything we do with P.R.I.D.E.

  • Passion by putting our enthusiasm, heart and mind in our work to give the very best to those we serve.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional service.  We listen carefully and respond to the needs and expectations of our clients and our community. 
  • Respect of self and others to maintain and improve our services and workplace.  We are professional and honest in our working relationships.  We strive for equity and fairness in our decision making and in our treatment of one another.  We honor our commitments.  We hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards.
  • Integrity through our work in a way that is honest, transparent and ethical.
  • Dependability by maintaining a standard of excellence in our work so that our internal and external customers, partners and community can rely on us.
  • Empathy by showing clients and vendors Human Services Council’s service to the Community comes from a place of caring and understanding.

Overview of Project

This request for proposal will initiate Phase One of a multi-phase project to rename, rebrand and market the Human Services Council and its programs. It is anticipated that larger and more significant phases will occur soon after Phase One concludes.  Future phases will include website updates, advertising, social media, public perception campaign and other efforts to cascade the information regarding our change.


Phase One

As part of the agency’s commitment to focus on community transportation and less on coordinating volunteer efforts in the community, the Human Services Council is undertaking a name and mission change. At the completion of Phase One, HSC board and staff will have selected a new name and mission statement for the organization, as well as tag lines that tie into each program that HSC offers.


Organizational Overview

The Human Services Council (HSC) is a non-profit organization established in 1957. Throughout its existence, the agency has worked to coordinate the effective delivery of community services including transportation and volunteer resources in Southwest Washington. HSC serves a five-county area including Clark, Cowlitz, Wahkiakum, Skamania, and Klickitat counties.

Please refer to the attached flyer and our website for more in-depth information on the various programs that we provide.


Strategic Planning

HSC’s board and leadership team has recently completed a strategic planning process through which we have identified 5 goals we would like to accomplish in the next 1-3 years.

The goal, as it pertains to this RFP, encompasses: communicating the organization’s mission, values, and services and increasing the agency’s visibility.

Strategies to achieve this goal include:

  1. Developing organization-wide and aligned program specific branding and marketing.
  2. Changing our name, logo and overall branding to better reflect our new mission and our focus on transportation services.
  3. Update and improve the agency’s website.

HSC’s long-term goal is to successfully implement a rebrand of the organization and services provided to the community to further address transportation needs, expand programs, increase funding and funding opportunities and improve name and brand recognition through SW Washington and the state.


Initial Vendor Proposal Requirements and Timelines:

All interested vendors are required to answer the following questions and provide required information with their proposal to be considered. 

Vendor proposals should be based the Selected Vendor’s Final Project Deliverables and Timelines as outlined below.

  1. Legal Name of Business
  2. Business Type (e.g. Non-Profit, Sole Proprietorship, Government Entity, etc.)
  3. State Uniform Business Identifier (UBI) Number or Federal Tax Identification Number
  4. Is your business registered with the State of Washington Office of Women and Minority Owned Business Enterprises? If yes, provide sufficient information for verification purposes.
  5. Has your agency been the defendant in any civil or criminal litigation in the past 3 years? If yes, attach explanation and the outcome.  
  6. Has your agency ever had a contract or private business terminated for default?  If yes attach explanation and the outcome.  
  7. Three letters of reference from organizations you have contracted with in the past five years.  It is preferred to include at least a letter of reference from at least one non-profit agency and/or a reference from a business where you have completed a project similar to what is outlined in this RFP.
  8. Provide at least 2 work product examples.
  9. Confirmation of your agency’s ability to complete the full scope of this project within the timeframes outlined. Please include key staff who will work on the project, any additional resources you may or use to assist with the project and documentation showing a proven track record of completing similar projects within tight timelines.
  10. Certificates of insurance and licenses demonstrating your ability to legally conduct business in the state of Washington.
  11. A detailed cost proposal.


Selected Vendor’s Final Project Deliverables

The selected vendor will be provided with a list of potential names that were suggested by HSC employees and board members, as well as a list of words and phrases that the group feels describe HSC. The list is provided to help the vendor better understand HSC and know what is of importance to our staff and board. While it is not necessary for the vendor to select any of the potential names or to incorporate the words/phrases in to the mission statement or tag lines, it is expected that strong consideration will be given to these thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

  • New name:
    • The selected vendor will develop and propose no less than three options for a new name for the organization from which the HSC board and staff may select one.
  • Mission Statement:
    • The selected vendor will develop and propose no less than three mission statement options from which HSC board and staff may select the agency’s new mission statement.
  • Tag Lines:
    • The selected vendor will develop and propose no less than three “taglines” for each program operated by HSC which tie into the proposed mission statements from which the HSC board and staff will select; continuity of taglines for each program is desirable. Programs include Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT); Reserve-A-Ride Transportation; Employment Transportation; Bike-to-Work Program; 1-Call 1-Click Trip Resource Center; and Volunteers in Motion.
  • Recommendations on next phases.
    • The selected vendor will propose next logical steps for HSC to follow in subsequent project phases to assist with the implementation of the new name and mission change and the first step of the organization’s rebranding.


Request for Proposal Timeline:

This timeline and individual dates may be adjusted as necessary by HSC

2019 Dates

  • Friday, October 25th   – RFP is open to public.
  • Tuesday, November 5th from 2pm – 3:30pm potential vendors are invited to HSC to ask questions and gather additional information to assist in formulating their proposals.  This will be the only opportunity for questions, answers and clarification regarding the proposal. 


If attending in person:

Human Services Council

120 NE 136th Avenue, Suite 215

Vancouver, WA. 98684


If attending by phone:

All participants & host dial in to the following toll free number:


When prompted, the host and participants each dial their respective access code, followed by the # sign.

Moderator: 93093647

Participant: 31423318#

  • Friday, November 15th – vendor proposals are due to HSC by 4:30 pm PST. Proposals may be mailed to the address listed above or emailed to
  • Tuesday, November 18th – all vendors will be notified of whether they are being invited to continue in the process or not.  If yes, a time will be scheduled for the vendor to conduct a presentation to the selection committee.  Vendors will be asked about their approach to rebranding and highlight previous experience. Vendors are not expected to present proposals on this project, but rather this is an opportunity to know HSC’s business better and ask any additional questions.
  • Friday November 26th Vendors will be notified of selected vendor.
  • No later than December 6th a contract between the vendor and HSC will be signed.


2020 Dates

  • January 10th - due date for submission of written project deliverables; 4 copies of proposal must be provided either by mail or email as noted above.
  • Tuesday, Jan 14th - presentation of naming, mission and tag line options presented to HSC staff and board.



The Human Services Council provides people with access to services, transportation and volunteer opportunities to impact their lives and strengthen our Southwest Washington community.