It took years and years for Congress to finally pass a bill designating the third Monday in January as a federal holiday commenorating one of our nation's greatest private citizens, Civil Rights Leader, the Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  The bill was first introduced just four days after Dr. King's assissination in 1968.  It languished for years.  In 1973 the state of Illinois became the first state tro create a holiday to honor Dr. King.  Legislation was re-introduced to Congress in 1979 finally passing in 1983 with the first commenoration slated for 1986.  However, it was up to each individual state to decide whether or not to mark the day as a federal holiday.  In 2000, South Carolina became the last state to recongize the holiday.

In 1994, the federal holiday was reconsecrated as a "day of service" with people encouraged to "celebrate" with a day "ON" rather than "OFF".  It is in this spirit that the "holiday" has thrived with many city agencies and nonprofits planning community service events open to most everyone.  Vancouver is no exception.  This year's MLK DAY OF SERVICE is January 15.  There are in fact some activities happening on the Saturay and Sunday before.  We've listed some of the activities you can be involved in here.

Spending the day in service is a wonderful way to commenorate the life of the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Civil Rights icon.  Dr. King truly believed everyone could make a difference and everyone mattered.  We hope you find a way to give back during this upcoming weekend and Day of Service.


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