Tis the Season!

Whether you would like to ring a bell at a Salvation Army donation kettle or pack a food box at a food bank there are all kinds of short-term volunteer opportunities available during the holiday season.  We are keeping a running list of opportunities all around the area, along with the contact information so you can donate some of your time to doing good in the community.

One thing to be aware of during this holiday season.  Don't just "show up" and offer to volunteer.   Most, if not all the nonprofit organizations we work with, have some sort of intake system.  On the day of the event, especially on a day like Thanksgiving, the staff taking care of the needs of the day generally cannot drop everything and fit you into an open position.  Feeding the homeless and hungry Thanksgiving dinner is a very popular activity with open slots to volunteer at the soup kitchens, shelters, or other facilities filled as much as a year in advance.  Because it's a busy day, the staff coordinating these events have the system down to the last minute to know what is needed and where to place volunteers.  

You can try calling around to see if there is a need, but if there is we will post it on our opportunities pages.  We will be listing short term or holiday opportunities on a regular basis on the website.  

If you can't find a last minute short term opportunity here's some suggestions: 

Conduct your own mini food, clothing, or personal hygiene item drive among friends and family.  If you are hosting a party at your house, why not ask all  your guests to bring an item that you can later donate to a shelter or food bank.

Rake leaves or clear sidewalks for those in your neighborhood who can't do those activities easily.

Offer to run errands for someone who no longer drives or offer to drive them to the store so they can do their shopping

If you have nice handwriting or are a whiz at creating mailing lists and labels, offer to address envelopes for an elderly friend or neighborhood who still sends cards, but who can't write as well as they once did

Get a group of friends together and learn some holiday carols then make a few calls to some of the shelters, Senior or day facilities and do some entertaining

Call the local animal rescue groups and find out what they need.  Many of them post their needs on their websites, conduct a product drive, or get together and make dog or cat toys to donate.

If the spirit of giving has taken you over, contact Volunteer Connections and let us help you find a way to give back to your community!  Volunteer needs are on-going.  We would welcome the chance to help you find something that fits into your time frame.  Give us a call 360-735-3690 or fill out our Volunteer Application to get started!



Our Mission is to connect the wisdom, experience, and talents of volunteers with opportunities to enrich the quality of life for themselves and their communities.