Enter Your Hours Served Here!

Hours served by volunteers at all assigned stations and projects must be submitted at the end of each month for grant and reporting purposes. So that we can make sure you are credited for all volunteer work, please notify all agencies where you volunteer that you are affiliated with Volunteer Connections. To help us maintain the most exact records possible, we ask that you record the total number of hours you worked for each position at each volunteer station separately. Note:

  • You must fill out the form below for each volunteer station or position worked.
  • Travel time to and from your volunteer site cannot be counted or added to your volunteer hours.
  • If driving is part of your volunteer job, that time may be included as volunteer time.
  • To help you keep track of your hours, you can download a printable timesheet here.
  • If  your volunteer station has you sign in and out on a group timesheet, and that station submits hours to us, you do not need to record those hours here.

Please type in your Full Name, (first and last name) in the Volunteer Name field. Be sure to click the bottom bar that says SUBMIT TIME RECORD. CLICK ONCE ONLY! A green bar telling you your hours submitted successfully will appear,

If you need any assistance, call Volunteer Connections at (360) 735-3683. 

Our Mission is to connect the wisdom, experience, and talents of volunteers with opportunities to enrich the quality of life for themselves and their communities.